Wednesday, 27 June 2007

My Favorite Blog

My favorite blogs in the world are:

I nominate them as the Top Influential Emerging Blogs in 2007. Do you want to nominate your favorite blog. Go to this site and follow these instructions:
  • Write a blog post and pick your choice of 10 (or less) emerging influential blogs. Any blog in the world can be picked. (You can update the same post entry up to July 28.)
  • Include a link to this post to help spread the word.
  • Post a comment and let us know about your entry. Only one entry per blogger.

3 comments: said...

Thank you for submitting an entry to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project. I hope you can put some personal info on your profile so that in case you will be one of the ten winners, there's a way that I can verify your identity in coordinating the prize. said...

Thank you for completing your blogger profile. I'll be including your entry in our August 1 raffle confirmed list. said...

Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will check your site tonight for any final addition to your top 10 list.